Bulge Male

Bulge Male

Most of the bulge male photos I have seen online are not all that impressive, in my opinion. Sure, they look decent enough, but I am looking for something that leaves me in awe. I want photos that make me look down at my own bulge and wonder if there is any way possible for me to get the same thing happening. Ever since I was young, I wanted to have the best looking bulge ever.  I tried all the secrets I could find in order to get that. I have stuffed my underwear with different types of socks, worn all kinds of devices, and tried just about everything you could think of trying to no avail. Once I got older, though, I started to fill out a bit more and now my bulge is rather good. But I still have not seen the bulge male photos that I want to see, and I hope that someday I will find them. Changes in lifestyles will certainly help that along.

Men of all Ages Love a Speedo Swimsuit


Men of all Ages Love a Speedo Swimsuit

The smaller the better for your shaved cock!

These days, there are few people who have not heard of a speedo swimsuit. The thing that may not have occurred to most of these people is that there is not an age limit when it comes to wearing a speedo. All that is really required is that the men who wear swimsuits so small keep themselves in good shape. Do yourself and all of the people who will be seeing you in this speedo a supreme favor and assess your body before you purchase that speedo. Now, it is not forbidden for out of shape and older men to wear speedos, but it is just considerate to know what others will see when you hit your favorite swimming venue.

On the other hand, even if you are somewhat out of shape, you can still have some fun privately with a speedo swimsuit. This can be done either alone at home or shared with your partner. You can make it a fun and relaxing few hours or even an entire weekend. It is all up to you when you are making the decision to stay at home where you can happily wear your speedo. If someone unexpectedly stops by for a visit, you can always grab a pair of jeans or something. There is the option of just answering the door wearing only your speedo. After all, they should have called first before just dropping in on your like that. It would serve them right to see you in your speedo.


Extreme men’s swimwear designs

Of course, if you have a fantastic body already, or are working on getting at least a decent one so that you can wear a speedo swimsuit in public, there is no stopping you from having fun in the sun. Just because you may be 70 years old should not keep you from having the fun that you know you will have in a speedo. You may feel that you are too old to wear a speedo but consider the fact that there are 18 year old guys wearing a speedo who are grossly out of shape. That should be a wakeup call regarding whether or not you will look sexy in a speedo. Give it a try and see how you feel.

Sport tights for men that are extremely sexy

The crazy boys at Koalaswim have just added the most amazing compression sport tights for men on their site. These are tights with a Koala flare which means they are sexy as hell. Fashion tights you can wear for working out in or a night on the town, any way you go you are going to attract a lot of attention. These tights look like they are painted on your body. There is a line of pouch centric tights which not only show off your ass and legs but they make your bulge the central visual effect of the designs. Available in spandex including wet look spandex and matt finished supplex fabrics these creations are designed and manufactured in the USA and the craftsmanship is nothing short of stunning. These are the most beautiful men’s tights I have ever seen. To top things off they are offering male to female transformation tights which will blow your mind. They bring new meaning to the idea of exploring your feminine side.


Cock waxing: don’t be afraid!



The first thing you need to understand is why cock waxing has become so popular. Men and women, gay and straight love the way a clean hairless beautiful cock looks. They want to fuck a hot hairless cock. Ask any man or women you know if they prefer the penises they play with to be hairy or hairless and about 80%+ will want the hairless cock. That alone should be enough to get you into cock waxing but there is a huge percentage of them will say yes, absolutely yes! Remove all the hair from the shaft and the pubic area, everything bit and all of a sudden you pick up a half to a full inch of length. Is that a real increase in size? If your eyes and that of your lovers think so than it is. Put the same size hairy cock next to one that is completely hairless and most people will think that the hairless one is larger, why you ask and the answer is because it appears to be larger. Many guys ask me if cock waxing hurts and I tell them it depends on your pain tolerance but after the first time it gets much easier. A skilled person trained to do hair removal by waxing is the way to go. Don’t try to do it yourself and don’t let someone who has worked on just a few cocks or even worse yours being the first do it.  Make sure to shower before going a take a Motrin. My first time hurt but know where near as bad as I thought it would and there were times it felt so good I got an erection, something the skilled waxing pro is used to seeing. I actually look forward to my monthly waxes. It looks great being completely smooth and my boyfriend loves it.


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Painful Cock Waxing


I have tried cock waxing once and it wasn’t for me at all. I am a man with a rather low threshold for pain and I am not afraid to admit that pulling wax off my cock was painful. I once broke my ankle by jumping off the garage roof into the pool next door. Of course I missed the pool and my right leg went through the garbage can lid, throwing me to the concrete around the pool and snapping said ankle. Even that didn’t hurt as much as getting my cock waxed that one and only time.

I am known to do stupid things and usually because I have lost a bet with my friends. The cock waxing was one of those bets that I lost and I learned a valuable lesson that day. I learned that I should think twice about the bets that I make from now on. I know there are a lot of guys out there that love the feeling of having a smooth cock and they prefer to do that through waxing. I can freely admit that they are manlier than I will ever be if they can handle something like that and keep going back for more.

It might have helped if I had gone to a professional for the cock waxing instead of having Dan do it for me now that I think about it. He did put more than the recommended amount of wax on my cock and waited an extra ten minutes before pulling it off, due to the amount of wax he used or so he said. Maybe if I can find someone that does bikini waxing on men in my area I could try it out again. But I just know that it is going to hurt just as much and that is what frightens me the most. Maybe I will find another way to get a smooth cock.


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